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Encrypt Your Critical Data in the Cloud

Encrypting your data adds another layer of defense against cyber threats that seek to expose your critical files, and helps you better protect sensitive personal information from both your employees and clients that resides within your databases. Secure Cloud Services offers encryption solutions that help shield your communications from prying eyes while you are hosted with us. SCS can remotely guard your devices - from Windows and Mac PCs to smartphones - and provide additional services such as quarantining, wiping and shutting down your systems and data.

Hackers know where your data resides and will try whatever they can to breach your network to get to it, including cyberstalking your communications to determine who controls the right credentials. They can easily access this information through methods like phishing, where hackers send a fake email in hopes to steal account logins that bypass security controls, among many other methods. Additionally, many industry, national, state, and local regulations require you to encrypt of all "at risk" consumer data. To protect your critical data, cybersecurity planning and implementation needs to include encryption tools.

Businesses that fail to comply will leave their customers and employees vulnerable to identity theft, exposing you to liability and allowing sensitive corporate information to escape. With the advent of mass remote and hybrid work, it is important than ever to protect against the vulnerabilities in your network and plug security gaps to defend from hackers. Failing to encrypt at-risk consumer data can lead to financial losses from an initial breach, and later from fines when regulators penalize you for noncompliance.

How Will Secure Cloud Services Encryption Help Your Business?

Secure Cloud Services has the solutions your business needs to encrypt consumer and critical business data, when you need it and as you need it. We can leverage on-board encryption tools from Microsoft along with our Simply Secure Encryption solution to monitor, enforce and manage workstation encryption anywhere and at any time from the cloud. Our solutions ensure compliance with many data encryption requirements while remaining completely transparent to your employees.

SCS will deliver real-time visibility into your encrypted devices and empower you to quickly to respond any potential incident decisively. Capture visibility into every device in your network and uncover any anomalous activity across every endpoint.

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