Network Assurance Service Level Agreement

Network Assurance and Network Assurance Core SLAs

  1. Business Hours: Regular business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (EST), excluding SWK and national holidays. Extended On-Call service hours are Monday – Friday, 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm (EST), and weekends and holidays 9:00 am – 10:00 pm (EST).
  2. Agreement Support Levels: The following table describes SWK’s Support Priority Levels, Response Times, and Escalation Thresholds.
Issue Priority Response Time Target - During Business Hours Response Time Target - During Extended On-Call Hours Escalation Threshold Target

Service not available (all users and functions unavailable).


Within .5 hour

Within 1 hour

2 hours

Significant degradation of service (large number of users or business critical functions affected).


Within 1 hour

Within 2 hours

4 hours

Limited degradation of service (limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue).


Within 2 hours

Within 2 hours

8 hours

New User and/or Workstation Setup Requested


Within 24 hours

Within 2 Business Days

24 hours

3. The SWK help desk will act as the central point of contact for all technical support included under this SLA. Incident reports may be obtained by SWK as a result of its monitoring activities hereunder. Incidents may also be reported to SWK by the Customer.  

4. Incident reports/service requests will be handled based upon priority level and in the order they are received. SWK will create or update a ticket for each email or phone request received; provided that email requests must include (i) a detailed description of the incident, (ii) the requester’s full name, (iii) the Customer’s company name, and (iv) a call-back number.

5. Should the SWK help desk not resolve the matter remotely and SWK determines, at its own discretion, that it will provide onsite support an additional hourly fee may apply. In the event of inclement weather, SWK will make every reasonable effort to arrive at the Customer’s site when it is deemed necessary to provide on-site support. However, the SWK staff will have the final determination to postpone the site visit in the interest of safety.

6. SWK will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve incidents. However, resolution times will vary based upon the type, scope, location and complexity of the incident. The Customer shall provide SWK with names and contact information for escalation purposes.

Support - The Customer will submit incident reports/service requests via one of the following methods:

7. Email to  

8. Phone by calling 856-956-5800 and selecting option 1

9. Important Note- Attempts by the Customer to submit a ticket in any other way than described above, including contacting an individual engineer or technician by phone or direct email, will void SWK’s response time SLA requirements.